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Family Guy Renewed For Season 19 & 20 at Fox!

Fox Entertainment is going to continue the series for the 19th and 20th seasons. This show has become one of the most iconic cartoons of all time. But does it really deserve it? Granted the show is absolutely hilarious, but that’s pretty much it’s only good quality.

The running gag of being mean to Meg was funny at first, but after now it just seems cruel. And she hardly even gets a happy ending. It just seems unfair that all she wants to do is help, but all people do is mock her for no reason.

The continuity of every episode is basically nonexistent. Just about every character is unlikeable except maybe for Meg because she doesn’t disserve her misfortune. Everyone else on the other hand dose for their cruelty to Meg.

Lois has implied that Meg kills herself, committed a cruel act of bullying to a girl in high school for being obese, and showed a pornographic movie in church and for some reason was applauded. Mr. Putershmit acts like the worst human being alive. And somehow he gets away with his antics every time.

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Quagmire has gone from a sex freak to a serial rapist. He treats women like garbage, rapes them, is willing to do it with an underage girl, and murdered the fake Simpsons.

Every time they’re given an opportunity they make a joke out of something offensive, even if it’s child death, rape, or animal cruelty. Theirs one or two cutaways in every scene, even if they’re funny it still gets annoying.

Brian may be the worst of all the dates women for their bodies’ acts like it’s their fault when things don’t work out. Let a mother and her daughter drown in a sinking car after finding that she was a mother. And she is trying to invest in a company that killed and served his own kind.

She didn’t regret his decision afterward. Some of the worst episodes out of all of them are Brian’s bad father where Brian reunites with his son Dillan. He just got a job writing for his show but loses it. Because his writing is too inappropriate. And Dillan and Brian never spend any time bonding.


They actually take their lesson seriously there are no jokes made about it no sarcasm. They actually are telling us that anyone in an abusive family should stay that way for the enjoyment of their abuser.

This show is a blatant rip-off of the Simpsons and it actually has the gull to act like there the superior cartoon. So is it deserving?


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