Power Book II: Ghost Part B Revealing the First Look to Its Fans!

Power Book II

Power Book II: Ghost is going to uncover its first trailer for the last half of season one. As you have seen, things were left unanswered in the midseason finale. And Saxe and Davis started to draw in on Tariq after the latter was caught confessing to the murder of his father, Ghost.

Here, I will now particularly unveil the promo for the new episodes, during which we see Tariq working alongside Mary J Blige’s character Monet. At the same time, Tasha faces trial over Ghost’s murder.

However, it’s like there’s tension between Monet and Tasha, with the latter declaring over the phone from prison: “If you hurt what’s mine, I swear to God I will be able to find how to harm what’s yours.”

You can also get the recently out poster below:


Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha, previously teased Rotohog what to expect from Monet, suggesting that she and Blige’s characters aren’t getting along.

“I think having Mary J Blige step into the role of Monet is so exciting. Moreover, it’s adding another strong female role to our storyline. And no doubt she’s awesome – then humble and prepared to figure.

Her and Method Man – but for ladies out there who see a mirrored image of themselves in Monet’s character and Tasha,” she said. “You know, it’s really beautiful because I feel we frequently aren’t getting to discover that the maximum amount.

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And that I think the way that Monet is written, people really enjoy it. She’s a very good character and Mary J is iconic. Therefore, it’s an honor to possess this beautiful iconic female to inherit power and literally just kill it.”

Naughton added the dynamic with Monet: “We might not see one another initially, because our worlds are different. However, our paths may cross. And once they do, we’ll not be buddy, not initially.”

Release Date

Power aired on Starz within the US and is out there on Netflix within the UK. Power Book II: Ghost returns on Starz around the US on Sunday, 6th December 2020.

It will air on Starzplay. You can watch it through Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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