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Ready Player 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

If you’re looking for information about when Ready Player 2 will come out, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put everything we know about the movie in this blog.

Ready Player is first of all a book written by Ernest Cline. It came out in 2011, and a movie version came out in 2018. After the first movie did really well, there was a huge need for a second one. This led Cline to write Player 2, which will come out on November 24, 2020.

Now, fans can’t wait to find out when Player 2 will be made into a movie. Read the post below to find out.

When will Ready Player 2 come out?

Ready Player 2

Questions like, “Will there be a movie version of Player 2?” are everywhere on the internet.

The good news is that there will be a Player 2 movie. But there isn’t much information about when the show will come out.

From what we know, the movie is still in the early stages of making, so the Player 2 release date won’t be known for a while.

Who’s in Ready Player 2?

When we talk about the Player 2 cast, it’s likely that the main actors from the first movie will be back for the second. But nothing is set in stone yet. If our guesses are right, the following actors and actresses will be in the next movie:

  • Wade Watts, played by Tye Sheridan
  • Samantha played by Olivia Cookie
  • Win Morisaki as Toshiro
  • Philip Zhao as Zhou
  • Mark Rylance as James Halliday
  • Simon Pegg as Ogden Morrow
  • Helen: Lena Waithe

The video for Ready Player 2

A trailer for Player 2 can’t come out yet. The movie is just starting to be made, so it will be a while before the first official trailer comes out.

Sneak Peek

A teaser for Ready Player 2 will be released closer to the movie’s release date. We can only wait for now. Once the teaser is out, we’ll change the link on this page, so check back often.

Storyline and Plot 

Fans want to know what the plot or story of Ready Player 2 will be. The movie will tell the same story as the book.

In the second book, Nolan Sorrento will get out of jail and start working on something new. The High Five will get back together and start a new mission.

Some changes could be made to the story to make it more exciting and interesting. In the Player 2 wiki, you can find out more.

How did the season before that end?

How did the movie Ready Player 1 end? For those who haven’t seen Ready Player 1, here’s a quick summary.

Odgen Morrow admits at the end of the movie that he is the Curator and is giving Parzival an extra life. He gives Wade the OASIS shares, which Wade then splits up and gives to other High Five members.

Here is the official movie trailer:

Review and Scores

When it comes to reviews, people have said good things about it. It has a 7.4/10 score on IMDB and a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where can people see Ready Player 2?

After the movie comes out, you can watch it on Netflix.

What Happened to Ready Player 2?

Walt Disney changed the status of Ready Player renewal after seeing how excited people were about the show.


Once the official release date is known, we’ll start the countdown.

Leaks and spoiled scenes

We don’t have any spoilers to talk about right now.

What’s New with Ready Player 2?

Author Ernest Cline said that the pandemic slowed down the work on the movie. The work on the movie began early this year, but it won’t be out until 2024.

Follow the Ready Player Twitter page for more news like this about the movie.


A poster is not out yet.


In 2019, it won the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film.

Trailer for the idea

Check out this idea for a Ready Player 2 trailer that was made by fans:

Last Thoughts

Ready Player 2 is a go, but we don’t know when it will come out. For now, you can watch other sci-fi movies to keep yourself busy.


Will there be a movie called “Ready Player 2”?

yes. It is now a done deal.

Where can I find Ready Player 2 to watch?

The movie is not out yet, so you can’t watch it.

Will there be a third instalment?

Right now, there is no new information about Ready Player 3.

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