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After School / 22.08.2018

Имя актрисы: Brett Rossi, Mia Malkova
Название ролика: After School
Подсайт и сайт: NaughtyAmericaVR.com

Год производства: 2018 г.
Жанр: Big Tits, Blonde, Blow Job, Blue Eyes, Caucasian, Cum on pussy, Cum Swapping, Fake Tits, Hazel Eyes, Innie Pussy, POV, Shaved, Threesome BGG, Trimmed, Virtual Reality, VR
Продолжительность: 00:41:34

Описание: Brett Rossi and Mia Malkova together…at the same time? Yes, it’s true. And it’s you who gets to bear all the fruit that they shake. It’s “After School” with these glorious porn stars in the pool, wet and getting wetter by the second. They splash each other’s juiciest parts – Brett’s big tits and Mia’s fat ass – knowing full well that you’ll enjoy them shiny and glistening, just begging for you to reach out and squeeze. But wait until both girls are warmed up properly for you, as they play with their pussies, suck and lick their tits and kick their dick-devouring drive into gear because they want something big and thick – the very gift right between your legs. They’ll suck your cock – not ignoring your balls, either – and take turns bending over and sliding on top of it, getting pounded each and every way possible in this lusty VR threesome. Тип HD видео: 1440p
Тип устройства (для видео VR): Gear VR
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (AVC) at 12 Mбит/сек : 2880 x 1440 at 59.940 кадров/сек
Аудио: AAC at 317 Кбит/сек : 2 канала, 48,0 КГц

Трекер:  [ 25-Авг-2018 23:56 ]


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